• The Many Types Of Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving is a broad term used to describe anything that takes attention from the road. It’s easy to think of it in abstract terms, to say that you won’t drive distracted, but never really think through what that pledge means. If you take a defensive driving course in Texas, you might be more aware […]

  • Distracted Driving Amongst Teens

    Texas Defensive Driving Online News Today’s world offers many different kinds of high tech gadgets and devices to help make our lives easier.  Many of these are mobile devices that allow for access from anywhere.  They simply access a wireless or satellite signal so that users can quickly get online, map out directions to where they are going, […]

  • Tire Safety Tips

    Texas Driver Safety News – Tire Safety Tips June 3rd through the 9th is National Tire Safety Week, and as an online Texas driver safety course provider we wanted offer some tips to remind drivers about this important topic.  So what should you be doing to ensure your tires are ready for the driving task?  […]

  • Perry Vetos Texting While Driving Ban

    On Friday June 17th 2011, Texas Governor Rick Perry vetoed a law that passed the state legislature that would have made reading or sending text messages while driving illegal statewide. This was one of 23 bills the Governor vetoed on Friday.

  • Should Texas Strengthen their Drunk Driving Laws?

    Lawmakers are finding their efforts to enact tougher drunk driving laws in Texas to be a tough road. Texas has traditionally been a state where lawmakers are very reluctant to create laws that would encroach the civil liberties of its residents. However, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving Texas ranks seventh in traffic deaths related to DUI, with 1235 fatalities annually. Roughly 40% of the road deaths are related to driving under the influence. This is a problem, but the question is how serious are we about trying to fix it?

  • Adult Driver Ed in Texas

    If you are between the ages of 18 and 24 and you are wanting to get your first drivers license in Texas, you are now required to complete a six-hour adult driver education course. Learn more in this post.

  • Get your Texas Driving Record Online

    Traffic Tickets and Driving Records What is the quickest and cheapest way to get my driving record?  The answers to this question is really pretty simple, and you will be really glad you read this post because it could save you both time and money. Lets start with the reason that most people are required to get […]

  • Understanding the Points System in Texas

    Texas Driver Responsibility Law House Bill 3588 created a new system in an attempt to encourage drivers on the Texas roadways to drive more safely. This is called the Texas Driver Responsibility Law. This new law says that Texas drivers can accumulate points on their driving record for various moving violations. Why could this impact […]

  • Free defensive driving course

    Looking for a free defensive driving course? Check out this blog post to find out if that is possible, and more useful defensive driving course information.