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    A State approved course for drivers who are ordered by a Judge to complete a “Seat Belt Course” following a seat belt violation. Register Now

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Is this Course Right for You?

If you recently received a ticket for a seat belt violation and were ordered by the Judge / Court to complete a state approved safety belt course, then this course is right for you. 

Common Questions

Can you tell me if this course is state approved? Yes. We are proud to offer the IDriveSafely course, which is the first online seat belt course approved by the Texas Education Agency (the regulatory agency at the time) and now the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).  The school license number is C1635.

I got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt.  Can I take this course? We always recommend that you first contact the court presiding over your ticket if you have any questions about their policies and procedures.  In most cases, if the judge or court mandated that you take a state approved safety belt course, then this course is right for you.  Please note:  This course is NOT a defensive driving course.

Do I get a certificate when I complete? Upon successful completion of the course, you will be sent a certificate of course completion in the mail to the address you enter during registration.

What makes the online course better than the classroom option? The first benefit is availability.  There are very few classroom locations that offer the safety belt course.  Secondly, the online course offers unmatched flexibility so that you can access the course anytime and anywhere.  As long as you have access to the internet, the course is ready and waiting for you.   Your course progress is automatically saved so you have the option to take the course all in one sitting, or log in and out as your schedule allows until you have finished.  It is completely up to you!

How long is the course? The Texas Education Agency rules mandate that a safety belt course be six (6) hours in length.  Remember that you don’t have to do the whole course in one sitting.  You can log in and out as needed and the course picks up where you last left off.

What should I do if I got a ticket for a seat belt but the court told me to take a defensive driving course?  You always want to follow the instructions of the judge and court.  Just because you got a seat belt ticket doesn’t mean you should automatically take a seat belt course.  If the court says to take a defensive driving course you should follow the court’s instructions.  If you have any doubts, we highly recommended that you contact the court prior to registration to make sure you are registering for the right course.

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