• One Scientist’s Solution for Distracted Driving

    There are many strategies included in what is known as “defensive driving”. Some of these strategies include having proper hand position on the steering wheel, keeping a safe following distance, and successfully scanning the road ahead. You may have learned these strategies in drivers education class when you first got your license or maybe you […]

  • Speeding Ticket

    Ticket Dismissal Course For Texas Speeding Tickets Did you get a speeding ticket somewhere in Texas recently? Chances are that you have or that you know someone who did. The fact of the matter is that law enforcement agencies have really begun to crack down on speeding and other moving violations recently in Texas, thus […]

  • Driving School Online

    Texas Defensive Driving Online $25.00 Easy – 99% pass rate! Flexible – available 24 / 7 Convenient – 100% online TEA approved course Driving School Online For Ticket Dismissal and Insurance Discount Did you know that you have the option to take defensive driving online? Texas drivers can take advantage of, a website for […]

  • Texas Driver Education

    Texas Driver Education Online $149.95 Required for Texas first time drivers* Entire course is online FREE driver license practice test ($9.95 value) Take Your Driver Ed Course Online with Us! Instead of sitting in a classroom for several days, Texas teens can prepare to become drivers by taking this excellent driver ed course on the […]

  • Texas Auto Insurance Discount Course

    Save 10% on Your Texas Auto Insurance! Texas law allows a driver to complete a defensive driving course to receive an auto insurance discount of up to 10%. The driver must complete a TEA approved course, such as the one offered here by Texas Drive Safe. Our course provider, Driver Training Associates, is approved by […]

  • Texas Seat Belt Law

    You Can Take Your Seat Belt Course on the Web Texas’ Click It or Ticket enforcement campaign was set in place to promote seat belt and child restraint use on Texas roadways. Through this effort, a large number of citations have been issued for seat belt violations. Individuals who have been cited for a violation […]

  • Mobile Device Info is taking Texas defensive driving to a whole new level of flexibility and convenience by announcing that the course we offer is now compatible with iPhones and iPads. For the best course experience, simply go to our website using the default Safari web browser on your internet ready Apple device and register or login […]

  • Child Safety Seat Guidelines Change in Feb. 2014

    Changes in national child safety seat guidelines for drivers will take effect on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014. The Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system requirements for forward-facing child safety seats tethered to car seats has been updated. The current design mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has manufacturers installing two […]

  • Teen Drivers With Teen Passengers Have a Higher Risk of Fatality

    In Texas, drivers in training must complete a minimum of seven hours of observation time in the car with an instructor and another seven hours behind the wheel. This may not be enough to keep teen drivers safe once they have their licenses and are on the road when they have at least one other […]

  • DUI Costs More Than Just Losing Your License

    There are many downsides to being pulled over  in Texas for driving while intoxicated (DWI). Aside from the loss of your driver’s license and potential jail time if you’re convicted, there are several other inconveniences and expenses associated with this traffic offense in Texas that most people don’t realize until it happens to them. Fees […]

  • Cars Without Drivers Could Hit the Road By 2020

    Vehicles without drivers could soon be a reality. They are in development by a number of auto manufacturers, including Ford, Toyota, Volvo, General Motors, Daimler, Audi and Nissan. A handful of states, including Florida, California and Nevada have already enacted legislation that allows driver-less cars on the road. Experts at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle […]

  • National Teen Driver Safety Week Encourages Responsible Habits

    More than 5,000 teens are killed in car accidents every year, making fatal auto-related crashes the number one cause of teen deaths, according to organizers of National Teen Driver Safety Week. Drivers 16 to 19 years old are four times more likely to be involved in fatalities than their counterparts in the 25 to 69 […]