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Texas Defensive Driving Online    $25.00
  • Easy – 99% pass rate!
  • Flexible – available 24 / 7
  • Convenient – 100% online
  • TEA approved course

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For Ticket Dismissal and Insurance Discount

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Though most people don't realize it, attending a Texas defensive driving course can be as easy as taking a self-paced, online class based around the student's schedule.

As more Texas drivers are beginning to discover, an online defensive driving course can satisfy court requirements for ticket dismissal, lower insurance rates, and educate business and industry drivers as well.

And as you'll probably soon realize, the program we offer is among the most convenient, flexible, and affordable on the market.

Why Online?

For most of us, the thought of a full day of lectures followed by a final exam that further limits our already scarce free time is more than a little annoying. TexasDriveSafe is proud to offer a more student-friendly option for that defensive driving course – a 100 percent online environment completely controlled by the participant.

Now you can take the course when you have time, whether it's in one sitting or eight, eliminating the need to attend a class scheduled by anyone other than you.

And unlike many online driving schools, the course materials we offer were designed to promote real learning through the use of multimedia elements that break up the monotony of a pure text-based class. Instead of enduring six hours of straight reading followed by an exam, we offer a program that keeps you interested and informed.

Online driving schools have evolved from the rigid, tedious courses of yesterday to include programs like ours that effectively and conveniently get the message across.

Additionally, Driver Training Associates (DTA) developed the program we offer, which carries the distinction of research-proven effectiveness. DTA has over 25 years of experience in training nearly 10 million drivers in both classroom and internet delivery methods.

Whether you are looking to reduce your insurance rates, fulfill a job requirement, or get a ticket dismissed, we provide an accredited course to meet your needs and improve your performance on the road.

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