Better Video Means A Better Course

video_sceneUsing HD quality and informative defensive driving video in our course doesn’t just make is easier to learn our important driving safety strategies, but it helps make for a much more enjoyable course experience.  Our course is a mixture of text, video, graphics, and interactive animations. Our videos include the following:

  • Real driving scenes – Through traffic crash reenactments, you will see what happens during side-impact, rear-end, and passing collisions. Other video scenes include the latest vehicle safety features, off-road recovery techniques, and ABS vs. Non-ABS braking.
  • Interactive animations – Short interactive animations are used to illustrate concepts such as crosswalk safety, impact force, and right of way.
  • Appealing graphics – Traffic ticket points, following distance, and other topics are presented using colorful graphics and charts.

Don’t settle for less when you can get an engaging course that will truly make you a safer driver behind the wheel.  Register today!

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