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people_with_mobile_devices is taking Texas defensive driving to a whole new level of flexibility and convenience by announcing that the course we offer is now compatible with iPhones and iPads.

For the best course experience, simply go to our website using the default Safari web browser on your internet ready Apple device and register or login to the course. Everything within the course will function the same way that it would using a PC or laptop. As long as you have a steady and reliable connection to the Internet, then you can access the course. It is that simple!

Below we have answered some of the more popular questions relating to our course and mobile devices:

What if I registered on a PC or laptop, can I then log in from my iPad or iPhone?

Yes. It does not matter what device you registered on. Each time you access the course, it will automatically detect the type of device you are using to make sure you have the most user friendly experience. You are free to switch back and forth from mobile to non-mobile devices if necessary without issue.

Does my device have to be Flash Player enabled?

No. Whether your device has Adobe Flash Player capability is not important. The defensive driving Texas course will detect if your device is Flash Player enabled or not and provide you with the proper formatted file to ensure proper viewing and participation.

Does the iPad or iPhone give the better experience?

Due to its larger screen size, the iPad offers a bit easier and more comfortable user experience. Taking the course on the iPhone requires some scrolling that can be less than optimal, but you can use either device to take the course.

Is the course Android device compatible?

Unfortunately, the course is not Android device compatible at this time. Check back very soon though, we are working on it.

Can I take the course on a Windows Phone or Surface Tablet?

Yes. The user experience will be friendlier to a Surface or tablet user, but you can take the course on either device as long as you have steady access to the Internet.

Our goal is to offer the most flexible and convenient online Texas defensive driving course anywhere, and we think being mobile friendly speaks to that commitment. Register today! You will be glad you did.

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