• New NHTSA Booklet Offers Safety Tips for Parents With Kids and Cars

    Parents looking for new ways to keep their children safe can take some tips from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). There is a new booklet available to help parents understand and use the latest safety features that are offered on today’s vehicles. “A Parent’s Guide to Playing It Safe […]

  • Study Shows Varied Views on Distracted Driving With Teens and Parents

    In a recent survey commissioned by Ford Motor Company, many teens admitted to engaging in distracted driving activities while behind the wheel. A whopping 62 percent of 500 teen-age drivers admitted to being distracted by passengers in their vehicle. While 51 percent of teens surveyed said they use an .MP3 player or an iPod while […]

  • Federal Agency Recommends Reducing Drunk Driving Limits

    The current limit for driving while intoxicated is a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 in all states nationwide. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently recommended lowering the limit for driving under the influence (DUI) to .05. According to a recent statement by Deborah Hersman, NTSB chairman, more than 440,000 people have died […]

  • Texting and Driving Study Shows Hands-On and Voice Methods Equally Distracting

    As the use of text messages, or texting, grows in popularity, the number of text messages sent and the number of motor vehicle crashes related to texting is also growing. Statistics from the wireless association CTIA show that in a ten-year span, the rate of texting has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2012, there […]

  • Toyota Offers Summer Program for Texas Teens

    Now that motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death among teen-agers, the spotlight on safe driving for teens is growing, especially with defensive driving in TX. Toyota recently announced a series of free safety clinics as part of its driving program for teens. Teen-agers with a learner’s permit or new driver’s license […]

  • ATA Event Honors Distracted Driving Awareness Month

    Minimizing distracted driving is one way to be safer on the road. In honor of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, a team from the American Trucking Association (ATA) recently invited people in Missouri to participate in a ride-a-long with tractor-trailer truckers in the ATA’s “Share the Road” vehicle. The event offered a trucker’s perspective on […]

  • Oil and Gas Growth Causing Driver Safety Concerns

      When you think of Texas, many people think of oil and gas.  It is an accurate association, since there are millions of people in the state currently working in the industry.  However it is the recent production increases due to new advancements in technology that has certain parts of the state seeing unprecedented growth. […]

  • Texas Defensive Driving Now Mobile Friendly

    Mobile Device Ready When Texas defensive driving courses were first state approved in an online format, it presented a new level of convenience and flexibility for customers needing traffic ticket dismissal or an insurance discount services.  When comparing the online format to the traditional live class format, the online courses offer accessibility 24 hours by 7 […]

  • 2013 Texas Legislative Efforts Focused on Driver Safety

    It’s been said that a driver can drive across the entire length of a football field in the time it takes to read an incoming text message. Sadly, that’s the distance some drivers are operating their vehicles while distracted by viewing and sending messages on cellular devices. Lawmakers and citizens both agree that the amount […]

  • Drive Defensively in the Permian Basin Region

    Our first goal is to make online Texas defensive driving courses both convenient and comprehensive to drivers. But we also take every opportunity to promote and encourage roadway safety. Keeping consistent with offering useful tips and vital warnings, Texas Drive Safe provides locals with up-to-date driving law changes and notification of budding hazardous zones. Recently, the […]

  • “Click It or Ticket” Brings Awareness to Teenage Driver Safety

    February marks one of the two months each year that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) raises awareness through its Click It of Ticket campaign to encourage teenage drivers to buckle up before driving.  High schools across the state will be receiving campaign awareness materials this month that will be put up in prominent areas […]

  • Texas Defensive Driving Online – Frequently Asked Questions

    Millions of drivers get pulled over across Texas roadways.  Some choose to simply pay the ticket and others choose to take a state approved Texas defensive driving course to keep their record as clean as possible.  Online defensive driving courses have been around for many years now, yet many Texas drivers still aren’t quite sure […]