• Be Smart When Ordering a Texas Driving Record

    Don’t Be Fooled When Buying a Texas Driver Record A Bit Confusing Many drivers find the whole ticket process a bit confusing, and unfortunately there are defensive driving course providers out there that are trying to take advantage of it, especially when it comes to ordering your driving record.  Many drivers who request permission to […]

  • Further Relief from Surcharges for Low Income Drivers in Texas

    On Wednesday the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) announced the launch of a new program aimed at expanding on an existing program set to assist poor drivers that have unpaid surcharges under the current Driver Responsibility Program. Driver Responsibility Program Details The Driver Responsibility Program authorizes the Texas DPS to assess surcharges to drivers […]

  • School Bus Drivers Get More Authority in Texas

    Trouble Makers on the Bus Senate Bill 1541 which was passed in the most recent Texas legislative session created a new law giving Texas school bus drivers the ability to more effectively protect the safety of their riders by authorizing the use of disciplinary action. The new law establishes requirements for school districts in Texas […]

  • 2013 Driver Safety Rankings for Texas Cities

    Texas Driver Safety City Rankings Driving on many Texas roadways can be a bit of an adventure.  Depending on the city where you happen to be driving, you may find the drivers to be less friendly, aggressive, or in a bigger hurry than other cities. Especially if you don’t normally driver in the busy cities […]

  • Back-to-School Tips for Young Drivers and Their Parents

    With the new school year getting underway, there are several items that you, as a parent of a young driver, can put on your back-to-school checklist as reminders to improve safety and legal compliance.                         The first thing to verify is that the vehicle […]

  • 5 Ways Seniors Can Delay Effects of Aging on Their Driving Skills

    As people age, their bodies change. In some cases, these changes can affect your ability to drive carefully and effectively. According to the National Institute on Aging, senior citizens can overcome or delay some of these changes through awareness and action. Here are five ways for seniors to help improve their driving abilities on the […]

  • New Texas Laws Emphasize Safety, Responsibility

    Texas recently adopted several new driving laws that went into effect immediately. They are designed to make the roadways safer and to encourage motorists to reduce their risks while driving. House Bill 1020 One law that attracted our attention is House Bill 1020, which allows minors convicted of or put on deferred disposition for specific […]

  • Texas Defensive Driving Reminder of the Week

      With summer ending soon and many families with children headed back to school and daycares all over the state, I thought it would be good to have this week’s Defensive Driving Texas Reminder posting be on child safety seats. Child Safety Belt Laws in Texas Current Texas law states that all children younger than […]

  • Wrong Way Crash Sheds Light on Elderly Driving Safety in Texas

    Should licensing requirements be different for the elderly to help ensure overall driving safety on our nation’s roadways?  It is a bit of a complicated issue since each person is different in how they age.  The difficulty is that what may be needed for one elderly driver may be excessive or lenient for another.  However, […]

  • Bus Driver May Have Violated Arizona’s “Stupid Motorist Law”

    The “Stupid Motorist Law”, which corresponds to section 28-910 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, states that any motorist who becomes stranded after intentionally driving into a clearly marked flooded roadway may be charged for the cost of his/her rescue. Joseph Razon, 52, was driving a bus for CH Destination Inc. with 33 tourists back to Las […]

  • Driving Safety Concerns With Hands Free Technologies

    In a recent posting on our site we discussed a Texas A&M Transportation Institute study that showed that hands free technology may not be the safer alternative that it is made out to be when behind the wheel (Read post here).   And now a recent study sponsored by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety further […]